About Khiphikhono Projects


Khiphikhono Projects was originally founded in the early 2000s and is the leading accredited installer of Fire Detection, TV Signals and Security Systems for the Construction, Commercial and Hospitality industry in South Africa. 

Khiphikhono Projects: our technical teams are highly qualified accredited installers,

having a wealth of experience in completing installations in the residential, commercial and industrial environments.


Mission Statement

Embedded in the company’s mission are several main objectives namely to:

·         Operate in the commercial and industrial mainstream through the establishment of a strong delivery muscle.

·         Operate with high sensitivity to quality and dependability.

·         Develop a reputation that affords our clients peace of mind and a deep sense of trust based on our timely service delivery and honesty.

·         Promote accelerated economic empowerment through business partnership development with large corporations in the industry.

·         Promote a spirit of sub-contracting to ensure skills transfer especially for the benefit of the new entrepreneurs.

·         Ensure a worthwhile investment for the organization.


A proud B-BBEE Contributor

We are pound to announce that we are a B-BBEE contributor 

We are committed to empowering and to supporting the local communities in which we operate.

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